• The Company with 42 years of experience is referent in the infrastructure sector

  • We execute projects throughout the national territory through a sustainable engineering

  • We are proud to participate in road concessions that contribute to the development of the country

Who we are

The future inspires us and that is why we invest in the present working for the development and connection of the territories, with a clear higher purpose that invites us to continue being a sustainable alternative in the management of ENGINEERING AND PROFITABLE INVESTMENTS projects, developing our talent human and other stakeholders, ensuring the transparency of their actions, competitiveness and solidity.

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The certifications ISO 45001, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 9001: 2015, endorse the management procedures of the Company, recognize the work and excellence of its employees and are a pledge of guarantee to carry out successfully any type of project.

Financial results

First quarter 2022

In March, the Concesión Autopista Rio Magdalena S.A.S notified Construcciones El Cóndor of its acceptance to continue the execution of the interventions, works and/or activities of the section between PK 42+850 and PK 70+550 of the Functional Unit. 1 of the proyecto Autopista Río Magdalena 2.

Likewise, the series of bonds issued on March 11, 2020, within the framework of the Program for the Issuance and Placement of ordinary bonds and commercial papers in the second market, was paid in a timely manner in March; and received in the same month, $50,000 million pesos for the return of the retention in guarantee of the EPC contract with the Concesión Ruta al Mar.

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Project portfolio

Knowledge, experience and patrimonial solidity have allowed to participate in some of the most important civil construction projects in the country since 1979, this has made the company a reference in the Colombian infrastructure sector.

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