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Service promise

Construcciones El Cóndor, as a manager of infrastructure and investment engineering projects, contributes to the construction of a new country, seeking to achieve common goals with interest groups and promoting the development of the communities and environments it impacts.

Service promise



Corporate Governance and Human Talent

  • A directive team with an average experience of 25 years.
  • Competent, committed human team with experience in the execution of projects in any part of the national territory
  • Collaborators with experience executing projects.
  • Higher corporate governance standards and IR stamp acknowledgement by the Colombian Stock Exchange.
  • Recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Colombia.

Construction Business with Compliance, execution capacity and solidity

  • More than four decades of profitable growth through the execution of projects in the infrastructure sector.
  • Own fleet constantly updated for intensive construction work, guaranteeing efficient project execution.
  • Business units such as Agregados San Javier, which complement the execution of projects and have a high potential for profitable growth

Privileged Logistic Position

  • Synergies between new and old projects.
  • Access to large sources of materials for the execution of projects.
  • Excellent relations with major suppliers, guaranteeing access to essential goods.
  • Strengthening of local economies through efficient supply with suppliers from the areas of influence of the projects.

Investment and Financing Sources

  • Vertical integration between the construction business and the investment portfolio.
  • The Company is listed in the Colombian Stock Exchange since 2012.
  • Excellent relation with major banks of Colombia.
  • Sound internal cash generation.
  • Experience in credits with multilateral entities as well as international capital market.

Service policy

Construcciones El Condor S.A. - through its Integrated Management System Policy - seeks to continuously develop and improve its processes aimed to warrant the compliance with the applicable legislation, product and service quality, prevention of negative environmental impacts, injuries and diseases of people, and accidents with damage to property or to the environment. The aforementioned is targeted to meet its strategic and tactical goals, maintain its competitive position, and meet the expectations of its clients, employees, and other stakeholders – all under our Corporate Social Responsibility framework.