The Company

Construcciones El Condor is a leader of the road infrastructure sector of Colombia.

The future inspires us and that is why we invest in the present working for the development and connection of the territories, with a clear higher purpose that invites us to continue being a sustainable alternative in the management of ENGINEERING AND PROFITABLE INVESTMENTS projects, developing our talent human and other stakeholders, ensuring the transparency of their actions, competitiveness and solidity.

40 years in the INFRASTRUCTURE sector make us a leading company with extensive experience in the innovative structuring of road concessions, in addition our trajectory has allowed us to execute urban planning, railway, hydroelectric and mining projects.

Our competitive advantage is leveraged on the human capacity and professionalism of our human talent, as well as on our corporate governance standards, the high quality of our projects, and the transparency in our actions.

Titulo Estrategia Corporativa: 
Corporate Strategy
The Company

Corporate Presentation

In this document you will find generalities of the Company, Corporate Governance, business lines, business trajectory, projects in which we have had and current certifications.

Our History

Corporate Strategy

Our Higher Purpose

Be a sustainable alternative in the management of INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING PROJECTS and PROFITABLE INVESTMENTS, developing our human talent and stakeholders, ensuring the transparency of our actions, competitiveness and solidity.

Corporate Values



We act coherently with firmness, honesty and sincerity, always acting well without others which oversee our performance.



We have the skills to account for the commitments assigned by the Company with motivation, determination and discipline, bearing the consequences of the actions or omissions of those actions.



We develop sensitivity to acknowledge and value people, the environment and the goods of the Company by promoting harmony in the inter-personal, labor and commercial relations.



We are persons which make an effort to meet our responsibilities with top quality, seeking continuous improvement and maximum innovation, to gain optimum results.


Positive attitude:

We nourish the virtues that stem from the heart and we are enthusiastic by being helpful and proactive; working with joy and passion; showing love for what we do; inspiring creativity, optimism and fun.

IMS Policy

Construcciones El Condor SA, through its Integrated Management System, seeks to continuously develop and improve its processes so that they guarantee compliance with the applicable legislation, product quality, service and the prevention of negative environmental impacts, injuries and illnesses to people, and accidents with damage to property or the environment. This is achieved by preventing situations that affect business continuity and the integrity of people or business resources through the identification and appropriate treatment of risks that may impact the Company and its processes. The foregoing, in order to achieve its Strategic and Tactical Objectives, maintain its competitive position and meet the expectations of its shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers, users, authorities and communities, all within the framework of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Business Group

The Construcciones El Condor S.A. Business Group consists of Construcciones El Condor S.A. (parent company) and our subordinates pursuant to articles 260 and 261 of the Code of Commerce and to Law 222 of 1995.


Condor Investment Inc


Concesión Cesar Guajira


Concesión Vías de las Américas


Condor Construction Corp