Being a sustainable alternative in the management of engineering projects means creating value by incorporating innovative initiatives that guarantee respect for the environment and our stakeholders; our roads connect territories with a better future by facilitating social inclusion and promoting the country's development.

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In the exercise of our operation, we interact with actors of different nature; this reality makes imperative to understand the particular needs, expectations and opportunities of those impacted in the management of engineering projects. Building trusting relationships facilitates the achievement of common objectives towards sustainable development. We established a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders through different relationship mechanisms that helps the creation of value.

Stakeholder engagement matrix


The materiality analysis carried out considered internal and external factors that allowed us to prioritize important aspects for both Construcciones El Condor and its stakeholders. We identified and prioritized initiatives through our strategic guidelines associated with the 2020-2025 strategy.

Materiality analysis

Sustainable Development Goals

Being a sustainable alternative in engineering project management by building the future by investing in the present. We are a bridge of connection for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We evaluate the value chain, identifying areas of impact that can maximize our contribution by focusing our actions on four goals:

  • SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth.
  • SDG 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure.
  • SDG 13: Climate action.
  • SDG 16: Peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Alignment of goals and targets


Our Team

Being a top employer implies creating and maintaining the necessary conditions to generate quality employment with an attractive value proposition, where the work environment promotes personal and professional development, encouraging care and connecting people with our higher purpose. We are aware of the hazards and risks generated in routine construction activities and continuously manage the prevention and mitigation of unsafe acts and conditions to take care of our most important asset.

  • SDG 8.5 Decent work and equal pay.
  • SDG 8.8 Universal labor rights and safe working environments.


We involve the community in the execution of projects through a real and active participation approach. The Social Intervention Route facilitates a greater integration among actors to achieve common objectives translated into the generation of long-term value. Social management allows Condor to develop relationships based on trust and mutual respect. This facilitates the intervention of territories under a social license approach, generating opportunities for joint growth within the framework of our operation.

  • SDG 8.2 Diversify, innovate, and improve economic productivity.
  • SDG 9.1 Sustainable and inclusive infrastructure.

Environmental Value

We create environmental value by seeking efficiencies in our processes, reducing direct and indirect pressures on biodiversity and its ecosystem services; we incorporate circular economy strategies, measure and offset a high percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, and incorporate management measures for the protection of local fauna and flora.

  • SDG 9.2 Improve all industries and infrastructure for sustainability.
  • SDG 13 Greenhouse gas emissions intensity from construction


We incorporate innovation as a primary tool to address strategic business challenges and increase efficiencies in the present; this is an approach that encourages the development of new ideas, generating value for the organization and our stakeholders.

  • SDG 9.5 Increase research and upgrade industrial technologies.

Innovation strategy


Socioeconomic Footprint

During our operations, we identify opportunities to mitigate impacts and generate greater economic, social and environmental value. The footprint allows us to quantify our contribution to economic growth through the generation of employment, as well as the generation of value with our social investment and the reduction of environmental impacts.