To Construcciones El Condor sustainability is the skill to create value in time

This means that the performance, projects and investments of the Company not only involve economic variables but also social, environmental and good corporate governance variables. Moreover, sustainability means listening and considering the opinions and expectations of our stakeholders.

The identification, prioritization and validation of these matters made by stakeholders - plus the strategic priorities, risks and opportunities of the Company – led to the following themes on which our management is based.


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Socioeconomic Footprint 2020


Corporate Governance

Being the 4th biggest company in the infrastructure sector, and one of the 200 biggest in the country, our governance, ethics, and transparency practices have a material impact on the sector and become a reference for others.


Environmental Management

The efficiency strategies in quarries management and the reduction in the volumes of stone material are sources of positive economic and environmental impacts. In our processes we achieved a 97% efficiency in quarrying, 20% reduction in stone materials, We also incorporated 1,361 tons of recycled rubber and 42,410 tons of recycled asphalt.


Products and services

In the Global Competitiveness index, regarding infrastructure, transport, and logistics dimension, Colombia ranks 81st out of 141 countries. Chile is the regional benchmark with position 42nd. In our Company, participation in 4G projects and compliance levels in terms of schedule and quality (98%) make us a reliable player in the development of road construction; the commitment to improve construction processes in terms of efficiencies (ROI on innovation of 1.42) and environmental impacts contribute to improving practices in the sector.



Because of the current conditions of schooling and informality in rural areas, Company efforts to generate local employment (2,573 jobs, 60% local), with the adoption of health and safety standards by new employees represents a big organizational effort that generates positive local impacts. 38% of management positions in the organization are held by women. Our rating on superior category of Great Place to Work generates support for working conditions in terms of remuneration and well-being.


Skills and training

The normal development of road construction business generates temporary local jobs, which additionally have an average of 88 hours of annual training for operational positions in skills and job skills within the Company


Purchasing and suppliers management

Most of the purchases are represented in critical supplies, which are centralized by large companies. Purchases in the main areas of influence represent 14% of total purchases, generating a significant impact on local MSMEs.


Social Investment

Until 2020 the foundation's focus was on childhood education. Maintaining the commitment to Education and aware of the possibility of positively impacting the generation of skills and the employability of young people and adults in rural areas, the foundation made an adjustment to its strategy that it will begin to deploy in 2021. Additionally, 143 educational aids were delivered to employees' children during 2020, for a value of 302 million pesos, focused on Primary and Secondary school.