To Construcciones El Condor sustainability is the skill to create value in time

This means that the performance, projects and investments of the Company not only involve economic variables but also social, environmental and good corporate governance variables. Moreover, sustainability means listening and considering the opinions and expectations of our stakeholders.

The identification, prioritization and validation of these matters made by stakeholders - plus the strategic priorities, risks and opportunities of the Company – led to the following themes on which our management is based.

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Governance, ethics and transparency:

The Company understands Corporate Governance as a set of principles, values and standards that rule and guide is actions in favor of an ethical and legal conduct, applicable to its relations with its different stakeholders.



Abiding to the rules makes ethical sense besides being an expectation of our clients and other stakeholders. The magnitude of the projects executed, of their investments and of the implications for the country’s infrastructure and economic development, demand huge discipline and clarity in terms of not solely economic accountability, but before our stakeholders.


Profitable growth:

Profitable growth is one of the strategic goals of the Company. This is not only important for our shareholders, but also for other stakeholders through the economic chains created by projects and investments.


Stone materials:

The extraction and use of stone materials has an impact on ecosystems and the landscape, and is a critical item for projects. A proper method of extraction, transportation and processing can mitigate the environmental and social impacts of this activity.


Product quality:

The construction processes of infrastructure works must provide a quality product that meets technical specifications and that adopts innovation strategies.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG):

GHG emissions are paramount in the international agenda. The COP21 agreements signed by Colombia indicate the rise of requirements and regulations to control and decrease emissions. In addition, the banking system, through the Equator Principles, has a voluntary commitment to this subject.



The Company’s business model is highly dependent on its capability to quickly create teams which are sufficient, effective and duly trained for the tasks carried out. On the other hand, the creation of jobs is a contribution to the communities the Company interacts with. Likewise, work-related accident and disease prevention was attached to Collaborators to reflect the Company’s comprehensive vision on well-being and the culture of care. The health and safety at work indicators remain in the tactical objectives of Construcciones El Cóndor.



During 2017, was prioritized as material due to its importance for the Company’s sustainability and competitiveness. Though it was not identified as a priority for most stakeholders, the Company is focusing strongly on this issue. The Company understands innovation is the process of transforming novel ideas into actions or projects that create value through knowledge management or by developing innovative projects.


Community relations:

The Company’s activities have impacts on the communities near the projects, in terms of their comfort, habits, economy, means of subsistence, the landscape, etc. Moreover, there are expectations on the creation of jobs and social investments. Managing these impacts and expectations properly is paramount for the harmonious development of the projects.