Management report and financial statements

Below we present the management information 2018 of the El Cóndor Foundation.

Management report and financial statements 2018

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El Condor Foundation seeks to implement and improve social investment processes that contribute to human development and to improve the living conditions of different communities. The aforementioned is done by: providing access to education with academic, professional, cultural or recreational training programs; increasing education quality using tools for institutional enhancement; and developing social infrastructure projects that contribute to improve the educational conditions and the build a social fabric.

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Education Challenges in Colombia

Education in Colombia has experienced many transformations in the past decades, displaying significant progress, especially in terms of coverage. However, huge challenges are still faced on a daily basis mainly related to quality. In this context, El Condor Foundation decided to focus its investments particularly on four challenges.

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Program 1: Educational Aid – enables access to education for the children of the collaborators of Construcciones El Condor, from elementary to undergraduate school.

Program 2: Raining on Reading and Writing: structure and lead this program for the collaborators of Construcciones El Condor as well as communities near the projects, when required.

Program 3: Complementary Education – provides different communities a portfolio of complementary education strategies to increase the chances to access quality training programs and to enhance educational and/or community institutions. The portfolio contains a list of programs in three categories:

  • Quality education and access to knowledge: seeks strategies to complement and improve the educational conditions using technological initiatives, training processes and educational innovation.
  • Culture, recreation and sports: contributes to human development using recreational, sports, cultural and entertainment activities.
  • Training citizens: involves programs for the development of skills of citizens to enhance social fabric.

The purpose is to develop a program to train on basic labor skills, targeted to people in their pre-employment stage which are part of the communities near the projects. The purpose is to expand their chances to find a job in or out of Construcciones El Condor.

Program 1: Educational Infrastructure: develops infrastructure projects by building or refurbishing schools in Colombia.

Program 2: Social Infrastructure: develops construction and refurbishment projects of public settings to contribute to educational process, such as parks, playrooms, etc.

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