General information

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Investor presentation

In this document you will find the future manifestations about intentions, expectations or forecasts of Construcciones El Cóndor S.A. at the date of completion thereof, which refer to various aspects, associated with the results of the company and other aspects related to the activity and situation of the same.

General information

Information prospectus

The Emission and Placement of Stocks Information Prospectus of Construcciones El Condor gathers considerations of stock values, conditions and emission rules, general information about the company, and certifications and attachments applicable to the issuer, external auditor, structurer and leading placement agent.

Emission and placement regulation

The Common Stock Subscription Regulation gathers the legal and statutory conditions for the process to place stocks.

Public offering notice

Issuance of Ordinary Shares comprised between the Base Amount of the Issue and the Maximum Amount of the Issue, corresponding to the Ordinary Shares of the Issuing Entity.