Below is the different policies promoting corporate ethics and serving as a framework for its activities.


Conflicts of Interest Policy

Sets forth the knowledge, management and resolution of conflicts of interest situations, to meet the basic guidelines established herein.

Board of Directors’ Succession Policy

Sets forth the guidelines to establish the Board of Directors of the Company and hence, guarantee its suitability to hold the position.

Board of Directors’ Remuneration Policy

Establishes the guidelines to set the remuneration periods of the Board members.

Business Group Policy

Seeks to align the short, medium and long-term strategies between the Parent Company and its Subsidiaries, preserving at all times the institutional values, missions, good Corporate Governance practices and the generation of value in time.

Ethics Line Policy

Implements the Ethics Line (whistleblowing) under a communication system in which stakeholders may report every conduct which is illegal or against the regulations and principles of good governance that rule the Company.

Risk Management Policy

Gathers the terms related to the Risk Management adopted by the Company.

Social Responsibility Policy

Seeks economic growth keeping the commitment of being a Company which is socially responsible with the community where it makes its projects, keeping a quality of life for its collaborators and the environment.

Policy for Operations with Related Parties

It establishes the rules and principles that must be applied to those Operations that are carried out between related companies for the exchange of economic resources, obligations or services, in order to encourage them to be held in a transparent manner and at market rates, and establish the necessary guidelines. for evaluation, approval and disclosure.

Human Rights Policy

Establishes and communicates the commitments of the Company and the Business Group to which it belongs, in relation to the respect and guarantee of human rights in all its activities.