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The certificate can be consulted with the number of the ID or NIT and the digits of the Deceval account number without taking into account the leading zeros. If you do not have Deceval\'s account number, you must contact the PBX service line: (57-1) 376 5460 in Bogotá or PBX (57-4) 311 7383 in Medellín.

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The General Shareholders' Meeting, at its ordinary meeting held on April 12, 2021 ‚approved the distribution of profits and an annual dividend per share of twenty-four pesos and twenty-seven cents ($ 24.27) was decreed, payable in three equal installments of eight pesos with nine cvs ($ 8.09) per share each.

Date Dividend Decreased Dividend Value per Share Quarterly Payment Date
12/04/2021 $ 24,27 Apr 20, Jul 21, Nov 23
31/03/2020 $ 27,24 Apr 20, Jul 21, Nov 23
29/03/2019 $ 52,50 Apr 22, Jul 18, Nov 21
23/03/2018 $ 51 Apr 19, Jul 19, Nov 22
31/03/2017 $ 48,99 Apr 19, Jul 19, Nov 22
31/03/2016 $ 48 Apr 15, Jul 15, Nov 18
27/03/2015 $ 36 Apr 15, Jul 17, Nov 20
27/03/2014 $ 33 Apr 11, Jul 18, Nov 18
22/03/2013 24,4 Jul 10, Nov 10, Jan 11
21/03/2012 $ 21,76 Apr 20, Nov 10, Jan 10

Share Capital

The authorized capital of the Company is represented by 1,400,000,000 shares with a nominal value of $25 pesos each, of which 628,064,220 shares have been subscribed and paid to date and of these 53,698,400 correspond to own shares repurchased.

Stock Composition

Total shareholders 376

Floating variation April 2012 – Dec 2022

% Shares April 2012 | % Shares December 2020 | % Shares December 2022

Major shareholders

PA 2016080014: 
Updated information (common stock): 
As of Dec 2022

Minority Shareholder Protection

A mechanism established by Law 446 of 1998 to protect the rights of minority shareholders before the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, in the event they are hindered by the decisions made by the Company’s direction and administration bodies.

Withholding Certificate

The certificate can be consulted with the number of the ID or NIT and the digits of the Deceval account number without taking into account the leading zeros. If you do not have Deceval\'s account number, you must contact the PBX service line: (57-1) 376 5460 in Bogotá or PBX (57-4) 311 7383 in Medellín.



The Company was founded in 1979.

To be a sustainable alternative to manage projects involved in INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING AND PROFITABLE INVESTMENTS to develop its human talent and further stakeholders, ensuring transparency in its activities, competitiveness and solidity.

Construcciones El Cóndor operates in Colombia and through its investments in Chile and in U.S.A.

"To be sustainable alternative means to reach the economic goals of our engineering projects, with good corporate governance and guaranteeing environmental and social matters.

The above is achieved by the Company four-step sustainability management:

1. Defining Stakeholders: Stakeholders are groups of individuals or organization which have an impact or are impacted by the decisiones and activities of Construcciones el Cóndor, including clientes, employees, authorities, shareholders, funders, communities, suppliers and users.
2. Materiality Analysis: Using a relational analysis of important matters for El Condor and for its stakeholders, the most relevant subjects are identified to guarantee the continuity of the Company on a medium and long-term setting. Said relevant matters are known as MATERIAL.
3. Defining Indicators and Publishing the Sustainability Report: Since 2016, El Condor publishes its Sustainability Report aligned with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) methodology. The purpose of the Report is to share our performance on good governance, the environment and social matters.
4. Implementing and Improving: Aligned with the strategy, goals and action plans are determined to meet the Company's eight (8) strategic guidelines, which in turn derive from identifying the most relevant (material) matters to guarantee the SUSTAINABILITY of  Construcciones El Condor."

El Cóndor Foundation was founded in January 2015 and is devoted to carry out activities throughout the year. It was born as a tool to consolidate the Company's commitment to the social development of communities in the area of influence of its operations. El Cóndor Foundation seeks to implement and assist social investment processes to contribute to education in Colombia, for the improvement of living conditions of diverse communities. 

Resumes can be sent to: Please place the position and project you are interested in, vacancies are also published at


The symbol of the stocks of Construcciones El Cóndor in BVC is ELCONDOR.

The Company currently has 574,365,820 outstanding stocks.

The Company shall destine the gains from the issue to continue developing its corporate purpose, to finance its growth, and to enhance its capital debt structure. 

The Issuer sold 106,007,068 ordinary stocks.

The price per stock issued was $1,415 COP.

On the website of Construcciones El Cóndor, you can find the Information Prospect, the Regulations for Issuances, and the IPO Notice, among other documents. Visit:

Like any variable income investment, purchasing stocks of Construcciones El Cóndor S.A. is subject to risks.

Dividend refers to an economic compensation from an investment made in the Company, and corresponds to a percentage of the profits earned during a determined period. The amout to be paid for dividends depends on the number of stocks owned. 
The profit distribution project approved by the General Shareholders Meeting of Construcciones El Cóndor S.A. can be consulted at:

In accordance with the definition established by the Colombian Stock Market (or BVC), the ex-dividend date is the time between the date when dividends are paid for the stocks and 4 working days inmediately before the date of payment of dividends. During this period, those who purchase stocks are not entitled to receive dividends. In Colombia, non-working days are only holidays. 

The Investor Relations Office of Construcciones El Cóndor S.A. can be contacted by calling (574) 448 00 29 Ext 1316, or by e-mail at:


Public and private infrastructure works. Its extensive background in the sector, had enabled it to participate in major construction projects and in the development of investment projects focused on concessions and investments in companies related to the sector.

Construcciones El Cóndor has two business lines:
• Construction: Through this business line, the Company provides construction services to the public and private sector, including the construction of roads, tunnels, bridges, dams, pipelines, concrete works, mining, open pit exploitation, land and rock movement, and mass transportation systems, among others. 
• Investment: Construcciones El Cóndor currently manages an investment portfolio focused on projects for road concessions, airports and businesses related to the sector. However, it has extensive experience in managing investments for public utilities and mining concessions. 

No, Construcciones El Cóndor solely focuses on the sector of infrastructure works.

Financial Risks: Adverse events which may hinder the profitability of projects and investments, the expected invoicing, the proper cash flow necessary to back the Company's operation, and the compliance of commitments with funders. 

Compliance: Adverses situations which hinder compliance with requirements set by clients and funders during the normal development of projects under the terms established. 

Social and Environmental: External events that create difficulties to execute the projects under the costs and times set forth.

Market: The competitition of local and foreign players.

Business: Risks assigned related to the business' conditions.

Regulations: Changes and limitations in the applicable regulations, standards and laws.

Business Ethics, LAFT and Source Crimes: Asset laundering, financing terrorism, bribery, unfair practices, and other events which go against business ethics and corporate values, committed by employees, partners, suppliers and contractors. 

Human Talent: Inability to retain and attract the best talent.


To enter the suppliers self-management site, visit:

Income Tax Withholding: Annual. Publication is the following year, from March 15 to 20.
Sales Tax Withholding: Every two months. Publication is the 15th of the month following the end of the bimester.
Industry and Trade Withholding: Annual. Publication is every February. Suppliers requiering this certificate more oftenr may request it at:

The Company's official e-mail to receive electronic invoices is:

For withholding at source involing income and sales taxes, compliance with article 6 of the Regulatory Decree 1189 of 1998 is required. 

For withholding of ICA, consult the municipal agreement thereof and carry out the procedure, indicating:
  *Request in writing of the party affected by the withholding, along with evidence, if any.
  *When reimbursement is requested in the fiscal year or in the fiscal period following the withholding, the applicant shall not also expressly state in its petition that the withholding has not been or will be charged on the corresponding statement. 

Please send a copy of this request to:;

To reply further questions related to payment, please write to: