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Business Administrator and specialized in Finance at Universidad EAFIT, with studies in Leadership at Harvard Business School. Corporate President of Construcciones El Condor since 2002. Since 1986, she has held the titles of Administrative Assistant, Administrative and Financial Manager, and General Director of the same company. She has held a seat in the Board of Directors and Councils of the Concessions of the first, second, third and fourth generation in the sectors of roads, airports and public utilities. Today, she is a member of the Board of Directors of Concesion Opain, Concesion La Pintada, Concesion Pacifico Tres, among others. Professional experience: 35 years.

Lawyer and Specialist in Administrative Law from the University of Antioquia, with a Master's degree in Government and Culture of Organizations from the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) and complementary studies in State Contracting and Conciliation and Alternative Mechanisms for Conflict Resolution; since 2015 he has been linked to the Company as Legal Director, currently he works as Legal Manager. His career has allowed him to hold positions in public and private entities as Legal Head in Conconcreto, Secretary-General and Legal Director in the municipality of Medellín and Inder respectively, among others. Professional experience: 18 years.

Public Accountant at Universidad EAFIT and specialized in Finance, Project Preparation and Evaluation and Top Management, with studies in Design and Process Improvement, Human Resource Productivity Analysis, Change Management, Strategic Management, Leadership and Management Risks, among others. He has held the positions of Consulting Manager in KPMG, Manager of Corporate Strategies in ETB and Leader of the Center of Excellence of Organizational Effectiveness and Business Partner of Organizational Talent in ISA. She began to work in the Company in 2019 hold the position of Organizational Development Manager. Professional experience: 28 years.

Civil Engineer from Universidad EAFIT - with complementary studies in Pavement Design and Technology. He has developed his professional career at Construcciones El Condor since 1992. Alberto has been a Works Resident, Works Director, Project Director and Project Manager (today) at the Company. Professional experience: 32 years.

Civil Engineer from the National University, has a specialization in Project Management from EAFIT University and a Master's in administration from Universidad de los Andes. He has experience in project management, leadership of work teams and supporting the contractual and financial management of the projects in which he has participated, occupying different managing positions in companies in the construction sector. Professional Experience:32 years.

Business Administrator graduated from EAFIT University, has a specialization in Finance and Marketing from the same University and studies in management development. He has experience in financial planning, accounting, tax planning, insurance, treasury, among others, holding different management positions in national and multinational companies. Professional Experience: 20 years

Engineer Correa is a graduate of the Faculty of Administrative Engineering of the Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia, has a specialization in Corporate Finance from the same University. In his professional performance, he has experience in corporate finance, asset valuation, investments and financial management, as well as leadership of work teams. He has held different management positions in Concessions and Construcciones El Cóndor where he has served as Corporate Finance Manager and Financial Manager.Experience: 15 years

Distribution of the members of the Steering Group by age ranges.