Supplier profile

Our relation with suppliers is based on a win-win premise, under an ethical commitment with shared corporate values, such as integrity, responsibility, respect, excellent and positive attitude in any situation.

The supply of our suppliers fully meets the Colombian law and certifies the quality standards that the infrastructure sector demands through the Company’s policies and procedures. In addition, the suppliers’ service level stands out for a close and stringent demand on aspects such as trust, cooperation, swiftness, availability, accessibility and kindness.


Supplier policy and procedures

Our policy seeks to provide the materials and goods projects require in a timely manner, all made of top quality, optimum prices and in the amounts requested, by choosing suitable suppliers, guaranteeing the control and protection of materials and goods received by the Company.

The procedures vary according to the need required, receiving several estimates per process, and conducting an initial assessment of suppliers and the variables that determine their hiring; and lastly, selecting the supplier and assessing the performance in time of the service/product. Critical materials and goods undergo an ongoing special control and inspection, in compliance with the standards and contracts based on the Integrated Management System Policy.

Generation of the need Need Supplier Assessment and Registration Procurement Process Aftermarket Service Assessment • Acknowledgement of the need • Initial assessmen • Performance assessment • Supplier registration • Generation of the need • Registration of the need • Generation of purchase order or service order • Reception • Devolución • Transportation • Risk management Supplier selection, assessment and registration Acquisition of materials, goods, spare parts, minor fixed assets, and tools Storage and delivery to projects

Personal data manual

In compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, and aware that Construcciones El Condor S.A. collects personal information to develop its corporate purpose, the Company announces to the Holders of the Personal Data which will be treated in any manner by the Company, the presence of the Internal Manual of Policies and Procedures for the Protection of Personal Data. The purpose is raise awareness of their rights, the procedures and mechanisms they have at hand to exercise their rights, and the Treatment of the data if the Holder authorizes it.